Ready for new films


For high performance extrusion of thermoplastic polymers. 

Output of 1 - 1.300 kg/h in 6 sizes. Customized.

Extruder der Firma esde

Laboratory Extruders

The smallest esde Extruders are Allrounders. 

The output range of 0,1 – 100 kg/h makes it ideal for developing continuous products.

Laborextruder der Firma esde

Flat Film Extrusion Lines

For film thicknesses of 100 µm – 10 mm. esde extrusion lines are constructed according to customer requirements. They are reliable, efficient and durable.

Extrusionsanlagen für Flachfolien der Firma esde

Laboratory Lines for Films and Sheets

The future is created here. For the development of films and all other appliances that require a diversity in options and a small output performance.

Laboranlagen für Extrusion der Firma esde

High Performance Extrusion

High Performance Extrusion is all about Efficiency and Reliability. Thats why we at esde manufacture highly reliable Extruders and Extrusion Lines for the most efficient Production of flat films and sheets. esde film lines convince through minimal maintenance requirements and ultra-fast product switching capabilities. Investments in esde Lines amortize quickly due to considerable economies in energy costs, personnel hours and raw materials.

Laborextruder passend zu Ihren Wünschen von esde
Laborextruder passend zu Ihren Wünschen von esde

Laboratory Extrusion

For the development of new films and sheets we also offer smaller versions of our extruders and extrusion lines. Our customers need to be able to melt in small and precise amounts, which is why we design and built tailor-made laboratory extrusion lines that comply with the same high technical standards as our large lines. Our laboratory extrusion lines can be configured to a lot of variations in order to be run with a wide range of film products, like coating, lamination and many more.


esde is your partner for the extrusion of films and sheets. We are happy to inform you about our extruders and extrusion lines and provide detailed advice on any technical questions.

esde Maschinentechnik GmbH
32545 Bad Oeynhausen, Germany

esde extrusion – Made in Germany

We are manufacturer of Extruders and Extrusion Lines for flat films and sheets.

Our portfolio includes lines for economical high-performance extrusion as well as for product development and small batch production on a laboratory scale.


Whether you need a large production line or a small, versatile laboratory line, you will find competent advice at esde and benefit from our experience and creativity. 



esde Extrusion Lines - economical and durable

To ensure economical extrusion, we design and build efficient and reliable lines at our site in East Westphalia. esde Extrusion Lines are extremely profitable and durable.


The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.



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