Extrusion Lines for Plastic Sheets

Sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm
Final film widths up to 2300 mm

esde Extrusion Lines for premium sheets

esde extrusion lines are used for the production of demanding sheets out of PP, PS, PC, ABS and many other polymers. They enable our customers to produce high volumes in continuous operation. Due to effective measures in order to save energy and material our lines pay off very quickly.


Our special machine concept makes our lines extremely reliable and durable.


esde sheet lines are customized to the demands of the product and the wishes of the customer. We deliver lines for the production of sheets up to 2300 mm in width and 12 mm in thickness, and foam sheets up to 20 mm in thickness.


At a glance

  • Processing of thermoplastic polymers like PE, PP, PS, ABS, PMMA, TPU, etc.
  • Molding into sheet profiles via a perfectly constructed die
  • Surface finish via calendar with customized rollers
  • Cooling of material web, cut and stacking

Advantages of esde Sheet Lines

Tailored lines

We construct and build sheet lines according to the individual demands and optimize the process of sheet production to the customers wishes. At esde you will profit from our experience and creativity and receive competent advice.


Sheet extrusion at highest quality levels

Our extruders achieve excellent thermal homogenity of the melt. The layout of the dies and calendars guarantees an optimal temperatur distribution across the entire width of the material web in order to achieve a perfect surface finish. This way our lines secure a consitantly high quality of the product.


Powerful and energy-efficient

A well concerted design of the screw reduces the additional heating and cooling efforts to a minimum. The direct drive of the screw contributes as well to keeping the energy consumption near the physical minimum.


Reliable and durable

The solid design of our sheet lines designed for reliable operation and a long life. Furthermore, our sheet lines are pleasantly quiet even at highest output levels.


Easy to use

The handling of our extrusion line during operation and maintance is thought out and optimized. The user interface has a user friendly and clear structure. We rely on comfortable touch screens with Profinet and OPC UA Interfaces.


Our Service gets to you

No matter where you operate our extrusion lines, we are by your side. Our highly trained staff visits you for installation, commissioning and technical briefing. If an adjustment of the control becomes necessary it can be done via remote control.


esde – Made in Germany

Our customers appreciate the value of first-class quality and extreme longevity of the esde extruders and extrusion lines. They are designed and build at our site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.


Components of esde Sheet Extrusion Lines

  • Single Screw Extruders
  • Sheet Extrusion Dies
  • Polishing Stacks
  • Cutters and Stackers
  • Winders
  • Single Screw Extruders

    • esde Extruders reliably process thermo plastic materials in virgin condition (granules) or as regrind (flakes).
    • We build extruders for output achievements up to 1300 kg/h.
    • You can choose between a universally or a specially designed screw.
    • Multi-layer films can be produced with additional co-extruders.
    • The control is carried out by comfortable touch-screen technology with multilingual, logical user guidance and therefore minimal training effort.
    • esde Extruder can additionally be equipped with gravimetric dosing station, degassing system, screen changer melt pump.
    Sheet Extrusion Dies

    • For slit widths up to 2500 mm maximal - equivalent to the final film width of 2300 mm
    • Available for sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm (compact) and up to 20 mm (foamed)
    • Reduction of the slit width up to 100 mm/side by external deckling (optional)
    • Feedblocks for the extrusion of multi-layer films
    Polishing Stacks

    • esde Polishing Stacks are responsible for the perfect surface finish and uniform film thickness. The roll temperature on its overall contact surface to the film is very even, the cooling is stepless adjusted to the required heat.
    • Our Polishing Stacks are equipped with an integrated haul-off unit.  Deviations in thickness of the incoming melt are balanced by a pneumatic or hydraulic interlocking device. The surfaces of the rolls are executed as desired by the customer (for example chromium plated, matted or embossed)
    • The base frame of the Polishing Stacks is electrically motivated (optional also with two axles) to ease maintenance and cleaning procedures.
    • Optionally the Polishing Stacks can be equipped with a rapid-change system for the rolls.
    Cutters and Stackers

    • Edge trim cutter
    • Separation into multiple webs
    • Cross-cutting shears, accelerating to web speed
    • Sheet stacker

    • Unwinding and laminating units
    • Single-point winders and turret winders
    • Double winders for 2 sheet webs

    esde Polishing Stack PL 1500

    esde Polishing Stack PL 1500

    For sheets, with integrated Roll Tempering Unit, inclined Roller Conveyor and Two-Roll Haul-Off Unit

    esde Sheet Line PL 1500

    esde Sheet Line PL 1500

    esde Sheet Line PL 2100

    esde Sheet Line PL 2100

    For PVC-rigid foam, with Pre-Cooling Roll Station, Roller Conveyor and Haul-Off Unit

    esde Sheet Line PL 500/S

    esde Sheet Line PL 500/S

    With Edge-Trim Cutting Unit and Roller Conveyor

    esde Sheet Line PL 1000

    esde Sheet Line PL 1000

    With ESE 1-70-32 V as main extruder, ESE 1-50-31 V and ESE 1-25-18 as co-extruders, Thickness Gauge FM 1000 and Cross-Cutting Shears

    esde Sheet Extrusion Die

    esde Sheet Extrusion Die

    With external deckling and central adjustment of the lower lip for simple and fast format change

    Your Contact

    We would be pleased to inform you about our extruders and extrusion lines and advise you in detail on all technical questions concerning your project.

    Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director
    Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager