Laboratory Lines for Flat Films
and Sheets

For webs between 160 and 600 mm width
Output achievements from 0.1 to 200 kg/h per extruder

Development of Films and Sheets

Our Laboratory Extrusions Lines create optimal conditions for the development of new film products.


The investment in a Laboratory Line results in great savings on costs for developments, decreases the material consumption and considerably reduces the time requirements due to short reaction time. 


esde Laboratory Lines are designed for product development, material samplings and small batch production of flat films and sheets.  The conversion to small batch production is easy and very economical. Our customers are research institutions, universities, film manufacturers and chemical companies.


At a glance

  • esde Laboratory Lines are small versions of our large production lines
  • Lab scale extrusion of various material formulations in different sizes to one-layer or multi-layer flat films and sheets.
  •  individually and economically be adapted to every task

Advantages of esde Laboratory Lines

Small scale Extrusion

With our Laboratory Extrusion Lines you can produce with a low output flat film and sheets of small widths. 


Film products in a great variety

Fast material changes are possible. The processing unit gets adapted to the range of thermoplastic materials, that shall be extruded. the Laboratory Lines can be adjusted to several film widths and thicknesses.


Economic Laboratory Operation

Due to the robust and solid construction our laboratory Lines are designed for continuous operation (24/7). 


Reliable Scale-up

esde Laboratory Lines ensure a precise Scale-up to high performance Extrusion Lines.


The handling of our film lines during operation and maintenance is thought out and optimized. The user Interface of our lines is structured clearly and user friendly. We use comfortable Touch-Screens with Profinet and OPC UA interface.


Our service gets to you

No matter where you want to operate our film lines we stand by your side. Our highly trained staff will visit you for assembly and comissioning of your film line, and will instruct your personnell on how to operate it. If the control units have to be adjusted this can be done via remote maintenance.


esde – Made in Germany

Our customers appreciate the value of first-class quality and extreme longevity of the esde extruders and extrusion lines. They are designed and build at our site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.


Brochure esde laboratory Extruders and Laboratory Lines

Download our brochure esde Laboratory Extuders and Laboratory Lines.

Components of esde Laboratory Lines

  • Laboratory Extruders
  • Laboratory Dies
  • Polishing Stacks
  • Winding and Cutting
  • Optional Component Parts
  • Laboratory Extruders

    • esde Laboratory Extruders for processing thermoplastic material
    • available with manually movable hopper
    • additional equipment of the Laboratory Extruders with screen changer and melt pump
    • material feed by gravimetric mixing and dosing unit
    • heated and insulated melt lines 
    Laboratory Dies

    • Laboratory dies for small slit widths of minimum 200 mm and for film thicknesses between 20 µm –2 mm
    • Dies with restrictor bar, lip heaters and external deckling of 10 % per side
    Polishing Stacks

    • Polishing stacks for perfect surface finish of the film web as desired by the customer, with electronically synchronized roll drives for optimal true-running. 
    • available with rapid change unit for the rolls.
    • Polishing stacks with rolls in horizontal or vertical position
    • Roll tempering unit
    Winding and Cutting

    • Edge Trim Cut
    • Winding station for discontinuous operation, maximal winding diameter of 400 mm
    • Cross-cutting shears and stackers
    Optional Component Parts

    • Lamination of protective and decorating film or for the unwinding of carrier material
    • Heater tunnels with infrared radiator for warming of the film web
    • Feedblocks for layer distribution at multi-layer sheet extrusion
    • Web guidance with smooth running rollers and spreader rollers
    • Edge trim winding up
    • Two-roll haul-off unit
    • Control Cabinets

    esde Laboratory Polishing Stack

    With Roller Conveyor and Haul-Off Unit, rolls heatable up to 250 °C

    esde Laboratory Polishing Stack

    With Roller Conveyor and Haul-Off Unit, rolls heatable up to 250 °C

    esde Flat Film Line FL 300/K

    esde Flat Film Line FL 300/K

    Compact Flat Film Line for your technical centre, developed for testing and optimizing new materials and recipes. 

    esde Laminating Line

    With infra-red-pre-heating of the substrates, subsequent smoothing of material surface and winding on a short roll

    esde Laminating Line

    With infra-red-pre-heating of the substrates, subsequent smoothing of material surface and winding on a short roll

    esde Laboratory Line FL 400/S

    esde Laboratory Line FL 400/S

    With ESE 1-35-27 Laboratory Extruder, Laminating Unit, Three-Roll Polishing Stack, Thickness Gauge, Edge-Trim Cutting Unit and Winding Station

    esde Laboratory Line FL 600

    esde Laboratory Line FL 600

    With  ESE 1-35-27 Extruder, Screen Changer and Melt Pump, Extrusion Die and Polishing Stack

    esde Laboratory Line FL300/S

    esde Laboratory Line FL300/S

    For product development and small-batches, with horizontal positioning of rolls, working width 300 mm

    Your Contact

    We would be pleased to inform you about our extruders and extrusion lines and advise you in detail on all technical questions concerning your project.

    Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director
    Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager