esde Maschinentechnik
innovative and reliable

Who we are

esde Maschinentechnik was founded in 1976 and is an independent company situated in Bad Oeynhausen.
Our product portfolio includes the small single screw extruder as well as complete extrusion lines for films and sheets.

Innovation and Reliability

We are sure that you will be convinced by the technical performance of our machinery.  The esde extrusion lines are noted for their simple and precise operation and excellent quality.  Based on our well tried machine concepts our attention is always focused on innovation and continuous detailed improvements.

We develop, design and build machines for high-capacity extrusion:

  • Extrusion Lines for Flat Film and Sheets
  • Extrusion Lines for laboratory purposes and small series production
  • Single Screw Extruders and High Speed Extruders
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Polishing Stacks for Flat Film and Sheets
  • Winders and Cutting Systems


What is the meaning of "esde"?

Our name originates from the time of the company foundation in 1976 and stands for the initials of the company founders Hans Werner Selbach and Manfred Diekmann. SD in phonetics sounds like esde.

Everything is possible

Due to the know-how of our experts and our long-term experience in plant engineering and design we are in the position to realize optimal solutions for the individual requirements of our customers.  Our strength is the development of sophisticated and efficient special solutions.

With Customer in Mind

Investment is also a matter of trust.  On our in-house demonstration line we carry out individual trials with our customers’ specific materials to determine their special savings on material and energy costs.

We place our emphasis on a strong machine design and offer a tailor-made engineering concept for each individual customer.  Our experience and our know-how help our customers to lower their energy costs and provide the basis for the high quality of their products.  esde extrusion lines are almost maintenance free and are suitable for various applications.

Esde Maschinentechnik

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