Laboratory Extruders

Output achievements from 0.1 to 100 kg/h

Our Laboratory Extruders are little Allrounders

esde Laboratory Extruders are small, wholesome versions of our high performance extruders. Their task is a limited use of materials to reach significant results. That´s why they are excellently suited for product development, material samplings and small batch production.


Our customers are research institutions and universities, film manufacturers and chemical companies.  The basic design can be expanded by many variants and economical special constructions to meet the customer’s individual requirements.



The core of an esde Laboratory Extruder is the extruder screw.  The barrier screw is either optimized for a special plastic material or is designed for universal use.  



At a glance

  • esde Laboratory Extruders are compact, versatile and reliable 
  • gentle plastification of many thermoplastic materials, also of high-temperature plastics
  • space-saving and compact design with the complete electrics integrated in the machine housing
  • Output rates from 0,1 up to 20 kg/h

Advantages of esde Laboratory Extruders

Small and compact

esde Laboratory Extruders are small versions of esde single screw extruders and can get adapted to the individual task. The complete electrics are integrated in the machine housing and water-cooled.


Gentle plasticizing

To enable the processing of a wide range of material we use universal barrier screws. esde single screw extruders achieve excellent and homogenous characteristics of the melt. The special grooved bush for effective conveying ensures the pulsation free intake of granulates and flakes.


Efficient heat utilisation

The necessary heat for the melting process is generated from the drive of the extruder screw and efficiently used in such a way that the heating/cooling system on the screw barrel hardly ever needs to be activated.


Extremely low energy consumption

We rely on direct drives for the small size extruders. Our barrier screws are resistant to abrasion due to balanced pressure profiles.



The handling of our film lines during operation and maintenance is thought out and optimized.

The user Interface of our lines is structured clearly and user friendly. We use comfortable Touch-Screens with Profinet and OPC UA interface.


Get connected to our services

Via remote maintenance your extruder can get connected with us. When you need technical support, an esde electrical designer access to the controller and work at once on what must be done - without the need to travel.


esde - Made in Germany

Our customers appreciate the value of first-class quality and extreme longevity of the esde extruders and extrusion lines. They are designed and build at our site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.


Extrusion of High-Temperature Plastics

The focus of many product developments is on high-temperature plastic materials – for example PEEK. 

Their characteristics require special demands on extruders.  With our own extruder design we offer such a special solution – our 25 mm HT-Laboratory Extruder can extrude up to a maximal melt temperature of 420°C.



Laboratory Extruder Type

25er HT




ESE 1-25-18HT

ESE 1-25-18

ESE 1-35-27


High-Temperature Plastics




Output achievement in kg/h

0,1 – 10

0,5 – 20

1 – 100

Maximal output in kg/h (material dependent)

max. 50

max. 150

Maximal melt temperature °C




Extruder for rent

For short-term projects, we offer our ESE 1-25-18 for rent. Our Extruders can be rented for both predetermined time periods and indefinite time periods. If you are interested in renting an esde Extruder please contact us for price and conditions.

Brochure esde laboratory Extruders and Laboratory Lines

Download our brochure esde Laboratory Extuders and Laboratory Lines.

ESE 1-25-18

ESE 1-25-18

Laboratory Extruder as mobile component of an Extrusion Line

ESE 1-25-18

ESE 1-25-18

Laboratory Extruder with 6 melt pressure sensors 

Individual design

Individual design

ESE 1-25-18

ESE 1-25-18

Laboratory Extruder with operational data collection

Laboratory Line

Laboratory Line

esde Laboratory Extruders are also suitable for production purposes.

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