Single Screw Extruders

Extruders for thermoplastic polymers
Output from 1 to 1.300 kg/h 

The ideal Extruder

The concept of our machines is designed for the economical high performance extrusion. The processing units are designed for high outputs, which often means that the extruder can be chosen one size smaller than usual.


The requirements for processing extruders can vary immensely. Depending on material and desired output, we offer our customers customized extruders.


The precise and reliable process technology leads to considerable economies in energy, work time and material. Our extruders ensure a first class quality level.


At a glance

  • reliable processing of thermoplastic polymers  
  • outputs of 1 – 1.300 kg/h
  • equipped with a direct drive and highly efficient barrier screw
  • designed universally or customized for a specific material
  • individual equipment, e.g. gravimetric dosing system, degassing, screen changer, melt pump

Advantages of esde Single Screw Extruders

Gentle plasticizing

A short dwell time at low temperature level protects the plastic melt from quality loss due to degradation and cross-linking processes. esde single screw extruders achieve excellent and homogenous characteristics of the melt. The special grooved bush for effective conveying ensures the pulsation free intake of granulates and flakes.


Efficient heat utilisation

The necessary heat for the melting process is generated from the drive of the extruder screw and efficiently used in such a way that the heating/cooling system on the screw barrel hardly ever needs to be activated.


Extremely low energy consumption 

We rely on direct drives for the smaller sizes up to the 70 mm extruders and on water-cooled compact drives for the 90 mm and 120 mm extruders. Our barrier screws are resistant to abrasion due to balanced pressure profiles.


Compact design

The water cooled electrics are integrated in the machine housing.


Pleasantly quiet

The noise emission is very low, so our extruders run pleasantly quiet.



The handling of our film lines during operation and maintenance is thought out and optimized.

The user Interface of our lines is structured clearly and user friendly. We use comfortable Touch-Screens with Profinet and OPC UA interface.


Get connected to our services

Via remote maintenance your extruder can get connected with us. When you need technical support, an esde electrical designer access to the controller and work at once on what must be done - without the need to travel.


esde - Made in Germany

Our customers appreciate the value of first-class quality and extreme longevity of the esde extruders and extrusion lines. They are designed and build at our site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.


Extruder Sizes




Maximal Output Rate



25 mm

ESE 1-25-18

1300 mm

50 kg/h

35 kg/h

35 mm

ESE 1-35-27

1850 mm

150 kg/h

120 kg/h

50 mm

ESE 1-50-28

2605 mm

260 kg/h

200 kg/h

ESE 1-50-36-V

3005 mm

230 kg/h

180 kg/h

70 mm

ESE 1-70-29

3460 mm

600 kg/h

420 kg/h

ESE 1-70-37-V

4020 mm

500 kg/h

350 kg/h

90 mm

ESE 1-90-30

4115 mm

900 kg/h

630 kg/h

ESE 1-90-38-V

4835 mm

750 kg/h

525 kg/h

120 mm

ESE 1-120-31

5310 mm

1300 kg/h

910 kg/h

ESE 1-120-39-V

6270 mm

1100 kg/h

770 kg/h

* Screw diameter in mm

** V: with degassing system

ESE 1-25-18

ESE 1-25-18

esde Extruder 1-25-18 as laboratory extruder or co-extruder

ESE 1-35-27

ESE 1-35-27

esde Extruder 1-35-27 - the „big brother“ of our laboratory extruder

ESE 1-50-36-V

ESE 1-50-36-V

esde Extruder1-50-36-V with degassing

ESE 1-70-29

ESE 1-70-29

esde Extruder 1-70-29 with separate control cabinet

ESE 1-70-37-V

ESE 1-70-37-V

esde Extruder 1-70-37-V with degassing and gravimetric dosing system

ESE 1-90-30

ESE 1-90-30

esde Extruder 1-90-30 with water-cooled compact drive

ESE 1-90-38-V

ESE 1-90-38-V

esde Extruder 1-90-38-V with degassing

ESE 1-120-39-V

ESE 1-120-39-V

esde Extruder 1-120-39-V with degassing and gravimetric dosing system

Your Contact

We would be pleased to inform you about our extruders and extrusion lines and advise you in detail on all technical questions concerning your project.

Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director
Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager