esde History

esde Maschinentechnik GmbH was founded in 1976. The founding fathers were the engineers Hans Werner Selbach and Manfred Diekmann who at that time could already refer to over 15 years of experience in the development and design of extrusion lines.

40 Years of Precision and Experience

Their first aim was to develop a trend-setting and mature process engineering system solution for twin screw extruders that essentially differed from the state of technology back then.

For the first time Selbach's and Diekmann's innovations were exhibited at the K 1979 Trade Fair in Düsseldorf where they aroused the interest of the trade experts. Already three years after the companie's foundation three sizes of the new twin screw extruders could be offered and sold. The „foundation stone“ for international success in the market was laid.

esde twin screw extruders proved to be very reliable and of hardly any maintenance with a long lifetime of the drives and low barrel and screw abrasion due to the partition of the extrusion process into two independent processing stages. The temperature distribution of the melt was optimized to +/- 1°C by means of the independent tempering of screws and cylinders in the metering zone. The high economical benefit of the esde machinery concept is the reason that until today some of the first esde twin screw extruders are still in operation.

Inventive Talent

Since 1976 the question was always on our minds: How can we improve the extrusion of thermoplastic material? It is the joy of going forward, the permanent presence of this subject in the minds of our engineers that is inspiring esde Maschinentechnik.

Together with our customers we have met many challenges on the way to a new extruded product and have developed and built many machines. Twin screw and single screw extruders, polishing stacks and winders of many decent designs, extrusion dies and feedblocks, thickness gauging systems and tempering units and many more.

esde machines are employed all over the world, from complicated laboratory equipment up to complete extrusion lines for profiles, pipes, films and sheets.

Energy-saving and universal Extrusion Technology

Already from the beginning the energy consumption was a very important aspect with regard to esde twin screw extruder design. An abstract of the house journal „esde aktuell no. 5“ from 1977 says: „It must be assumed that the available energy will rise disproportionately in price from year to year and that the energy costs will become an important calculation factor“. Therefore we at esde always build extruders of very little energy consumption.

Our first customers were manufacturers of high-quality extrudates of PVC-profiles and pipes. Due to our innovative screw geometry also other thermoplastics, such as PE, PA, PP, ABS and PS could very gently be extruded. Companies which were processing material that usually had to be pre-dried could shorten or even abandon this step with the employment of an esde twin screw extruder. The method of applying high vacuum reduced the pre-drying time to 1 or 2 hours or even made it superfluous.

Since the middle of the 1980s we put our main focus on manufacturers of deep-drawn products who increasingly got into the extrusion of flat films. The advantage was clear and is still valid: Enormous savings in material as the punched waste can directly be added to the cycle again.

The new Generation

After the successful integration of esde Maschinentechnik into the market Hans Werner Selbach retired in 1988 from company management. In 2007 Manfred Diekmann passed on the management to his son Carsten Diekmann, who at this point had already worked ten years for our company as process engineer.

As his father did his goal is to lead esde Maschinentechnik to ongoing success. A fair relationship with customers, suppliers and employees creates mutual confidence and is the basis for a successful and long-lasting cooperation.

40 Years esde Maschinentechnik

In the course of 40 years of company history we lock retrospectively at a great number of exciting projects all over the world and on a long-term co-operation with our faithful and satisfied customers.