Polishing Stacks

Final film widths from 100 to 2300 mm
Film thicknesses from 150 to 2000 µm

Perfect Finish for extruded Flat Films and Sheets

The first-class quality of our Polishing Stacks allows a reliable production on the highest level and guarantees many years of service life.


esde Polishing Stacks are responsible for the perfect surface finish of flat films and sheets, optionally also for coating and laminating.  We realize individual designs for the optimal adaptation of our polishing stacks to the desired surfaces and uniformity of the film thickness.

The smart technology of our Polishing Stacks

To achieve a high-quality film production esde Polishing Stacks have a very consistent temperature distribution on the entire contact surface of the film.


In esde Polishing Stacks the amount of cooling water is steplessly adapted to the heat requirements in the manufacturing process.  Additionally the uniform heat flow in the roll water is supported by a progressively tapered conducting helix.  This way we achieve an accuracy of +/- 1°C in temperature distribution on the contact surface of the film:  Highly effective, with low energy and water consumption!


Depending on the necessary linear loads the polishing stack is build with pneumatic or hydraulic locking devices.  Cooling rolls and haul-off unit are driven by servo-gear-motors, synchronized with one another and optimized in its mass inertia.


The design of our rolls enables an extremely uniform film thickness distribution on their overall width.  In accordance with the principle of deflection curve compensation the polishing roll with stabilized core adjusts to the bending of the standard cooling roll, thus keeping the tolerances of the film thickness to a minimum. 

Features and Advantages of esde Polishing Stacks

  • Individual design tailored to diverse requirements
  • Constant high quality of film and sheets
  • Vertical or horizontal roll arrangement, also 45° arrangement is possible
  • Rolls driven by low backlash planetary gears
  • High accuracy of true running for optimal film finish
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic roll locking force
  • The base frame is electrically motivated (optional also with two axles) to ease maintenance and cleaning procedures.
  • Roller surfaces chromium plated, matted or embossed
  • Rolls allowing optimal temperature uniformity on the entire contact surface of the film
  • Degressively conducting helixes support the uniform heat flow in the cooling rolls
  • Infinite adjustment to the target value of the cooling water temperature




Finished Widths

min. 100 mm

max. 2100 mm

max. 2300 mm


min. 150 µm

max. 2000 µm

max. 12 mm for compact sheets
max. 32 mm for foamed sheets

Laminating and Coating

In front of the Polishing stack an unwinding unit can be integrated into the extrusion line. Whether the film web should be laminated or coated or material should be applied, we always keep an easy and secure handling in view.

Operating Concept

The operating surface of our Polishing Stacks has a user-friendly and clear structure.  We use a comfortable Touch-Screen Technology with logical user guidance.  The training effort for the operators is minimal as no programming knowledge is required.


The operating elements are positioned on the extruder and if needed on further line components, positioning as desired by the customer.


All the relevant processing data can easily be read and adjusted.  The control is upgradable with production data acquisition, an intersection to the Desktop PC and the possibility of remote control by our electrical engineers.

Additional Information

Please contact us and you will receive a brochure with technical details of our Extrusion Lines for films and sheets.  Click here to Order Brochures or contact our competent specialists directly for questions and further information.

Contact Persons

Your contact persons for technical advice and individual quotations on our esde Polishing Stacks are:


Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director

Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager


Phone +49 5731 9014 


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