Polishing Stacks

Final film widths from 100 to 2300 mm
Film thicknesses from 150 to 2000 µm

Perfect Finish for extruded Flat Films and Sheets

The first-class quality of our Polishing Stacks allows a reliable production on the highest level and guarantees many years of service life.


esde Polishing Stacks are responsible for the perfect surface finish of flat films and sheets, optionally also for coating and laminating.  We realize individual designs for the optimal adaptation of our polishing stacks to the desired surfaces and uniformity of the film thickness.


Laminating and Coating

In front of the Polishing stack an unwinding unit can be integrated into the extrusion line. Whether the film web should be laminated or coated or material should be applied, we always keep an easy and secure handling in view.


Best suited for these dimensions



Finished Widths

min. 100 mm

max. 2100 mm

max. 2300 mm


min. 150 µm

max. 2000 µm

max. 12 mm for compact sheets
max. 32 mm for foamed sheets

Advantages of esde Polishing Stacks


The individual designs enables highest film qualities and unique products. The rollers can be arranged vertical, horizontal or in a 45° line. The surfaces of the rollers can be offered in many coatings and tailor-made embossings.


Constant high quality of film and sheets

There´s a lot in esde Polishing Stacks to achieve an optimal film finish. The rollers are driven by low backlash planetary gears and have a high accuracy of true running. The inner structure of our rollers enable extremely even film thicknesses over the entire width.


Optimally tempered

Our Polishing Stacks achieve optimal temperature uniformity on the entire contact surface of the film. The amount of cooling water is steplessly adapted to the heat requirements in the manufacturing process. The uniform heat flow of the tempering medium is supported by degressive conducting helixes in the cooling rolls. In this way the cooling of the web is particularly even.


Driven to perform at their best

Depending on the necessary linear loads the polishing stack is build with pneumatic or hydraulic locking devices.  Cooling rolls and haul-off unit are driven by servo-gear-motors, synchronized with one another and optimized in its mass inertia.


Easy handling

The base frame is electrically motivated (optional also with two axles) to ease maintenance and cleaning procedures.


Get connected to our services

Via remote maintenance your extruder can get connected with us. When you need technical support, an esde electrical designer access to the controller and work at once on what must be done - without the need to travel.


esde - Made in Germany

Our customers appreciate the value of first-class quality and extreme longevity of the esde extruders and extrusion lines. They are designed and build at our site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.


esde Polishing Stack 
PL 1500/MHP

esde Polishing Stack&nbsp;<br>PL 1500/MHP

With roll temperature control up to 140°C,  for sheet production

esde Polishing Stack FL 900

esde Polishing Stack FL 900

With electrical roll gap adjustment, equipped with embossing rolls and pneumatic roll locking force

Roll Gap Adjustment

Roll Gap Adjustment<br/>

Precise electro-motive roll gap adjustment, PC-controlled

esde Polishing Stack FL 700

esde Polishing Stack FL 700

For inline cup production

esde Three-Roll Polishing Stack PL 2400

esde Three-Roll Polishing Stack PL 2400

With hydraulic locking force and high-capacity cooling rolls

esde Polishing Stack FL 1000/S

esde Polishing Stack FL 1000/S

For cooling-down thicker film with two integrated additional post-cooling rolls

esde Polishing Stack PL 2300

esde Polishing Stack PL 2300

With  coupled three-circuit-roll Temperature Controller, optionally equipped with electro-motive Height Adjustment Unit

Deflection Compensation

Deflection Compensation

The principle of deflection compensation (BLK) on the cooling roll facilitates the production of extremely uniform film thicknesses

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