esde Flachfolienanlage
esde Flachfolienanlage

High Performance Extrusion

Extruders and Extrusion Lines for the efficient and reliable production of flat films and sheets. For thermoplastic polymers in the form of granules and flakes.

Single Screw Extruders

For the High Performance Extrusion of thermoplastic polymers. Output from 1 to 1,300 kg/h in 6 extruder sizes. Individually configurable.


High Speed Extruders

Extrusion with even more speed. With a screw diameter of 40 mm, this extruder achieves a throughput of 700 kg/h for PP. Also suitable for PS, LD-PE, ABS. Extrusion of pellets and regrinds.


Flat Film Extrusion Lines 

For film thicknesses from 100 µm to 10 mm and finished widths up to 2,100 mm. Our tailor-made Extrusion Lines are designed and build as desired. They are reliable, efficient and have a long live performance.

Extrusionsanlagen für Flachfolien

Sheet Extrusion Lines

For sheet thicknesses up to 12 mm and finished widths up to 2,300 mm. With esde Extrusion Lines sheets of PP, PS, PC, ABS and many more challenging polymers can be produced.

Extrusionsanlagen für Platten

Inline Extrusion

esde Extrusion Lines for thermoforming film and sheets are especially designed for deep-drawn products, such as cups and trays and similar deep-drawn products, which are produced in one unit of film production and inline thermoforming.


Extrusion Dies and Feedblocks

esde Dies are perfectly fitted for the respective film or sheets. For Coextrusion multi-channel Dies or Feedblocks are used.

Düsen und Feedblöcke

Polishing Stacks

The perfect surface finish for flat film and sheets. Individual designs for the optimal adaption to the requirements.


Winder and Cutting Systems

Winding Systems

Cutters and Stackers

Edge-Trim Units

Wickler und Zuschnitt