Laboratory Extrusion

For the development of new films and sheets we design small versions of our Extruders and Extrusion Lines. To be equipped for a wide range of film products many versions can be designed, for example with coating, lamination and many more.

Laboratory Lines for Films and Sheets

Individually equipped. For the development of films and all other application, where a great variety of possibilities and small output achievements are desired.

Laboratory Extruders

For output rates from 0.1 to 100 kg/h. Designed for development, sampling and small batch production. Universally designed or designed for special materials or applications.

Extrusion Dies and Feedblocks

esde Dies are perfectly fitted for the respective film or sheets. For Coextrusion multi-channel Dies or Feedblocks are used.

Polishing Stacks

The perfect surface finish for flat film and sheets. Individual designs for the optimal adaption to the requirements.

Winders and Cutting Systems

For a custom-fit dimensioning of webs we offer winding systems as well as Edge-Trim and Longitudinal Cut and Stackers.