High Speed

The new Generation in size 40
Output up to 700 kg/h with PP

Extrusion with increased Performance

The generational advances of the esde High-Speed Extruders are characterized by a very short dwelling time of the melt, higher energy efficiency and its compact design.  The energy input is ascertained more by the high circumferential speed and less by the torque of the extruder screw.


Depending on the raw material, this new extruder generation with a screw diameter of 40 mm achieves a throughput of 700 kg/h – even with regrind.

The innovative Machine Design

The processing technology of the design is based on the combination of the high-rate feed section and the innovative extruder screw for disperse melting.


This screw area for the disperse melting of the solid material in the fluid contributes to the improvement of smooth plastification.  By distributing the solid matter particles in the melt, a thermally homogenous flow at low temperature level is generated.  The extremely short dwelling time of 5 to 7 seconds in the High-Speed Extruder protects the melt from a timely caused degradation reaction.


Due to the employment of an energy efficient direct drive no loss in drive power is experienced.  We use a synchronized servo motor as main drive, which – contrary to the usual combination of gear and A.C. drive – enables an essentially higher speed of the extruder screw.  To ease maintenance the axial bearing is installed outside of the motor housing.

The Advantages of esde High Speed Extruders

  • Reliable processing of various thermo plastic materials, e.g.: PP, PS, LD-PE, ABS
  • Fast rotating direct drive with synchronized three-phase A.C.-motor
  • Very high output achievements
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Minimal maintenance and long operating life
  • Innovative highly efficient barrier screw for disperse melting
  • Smooth plastification on a low temperature level
  • Resistant to abrasion due to balanced pressure profiles
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • Compact configuration with water cooled electrics installed in machine housing
  • Quality „Made in Germany“ - designed and built in Westphalia

Technical Data

High Speed Extruder Type

40 mm


ESE 1-40-42/HS

For the processing of

Granules and Regrind

Dimensions and Weights


3680 mm


800 mm

Extrusion Heigt

1100 mm


2700 kg

Screw and Barrel


40 mm

Length D

42 D

Screw Speed

1–2000 rpm

Heating Zones


Power Transfer

Motor Capacity

190 kW

Actuating Torque

865 Nm


2000 rpm

Drive Type

Synchronized AC-motor 

water-cooled with axial bearing

Electrical Data

Barrel Heaters

21 kW

Tool Heaters

1 x 230 V + PE

5 x 3,5 kW

Drive Motors

3 x 400 V

50 Hz, +N, +PE

Output Achievements

For PS (Polystyrene)

500–750 kg/h

For PP (Polypropylene)

450–700 kg/h

Maximal Melt Temperature

300 °C

Operating Concept

The operating surface of our Single Screw Extruders has a user-friendly and clear structure.  We use a comfortable Touch-Screen Technology with logical user guidance.  The training effort for the operators is minimal as no programming knowledge is required.


All the relevant processing data can easily be read and adjusted.  The control is upgradable with production data acquisition, an intersection to the Desktop PC and the possibility of remote control by our electrical engineers.

Additional Information

Please contact us and you will receive a brochure with technical details of esde Single Screw Extruders.  Click here to Order Brochures or contact our competent specialists directly for questions and further information.

Contact Persons

Your contact persons for technical advice and individual quotations on esde High Speed Extruders are:


Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director

Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager


Phone +49 5731 9014


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Visit esde Technical Center

Welcome to our technical center in Bad Oeynhausen for testing your formulation on our demonstration line.  The processing of your material will be analyzed and recorded.  The results will be incorporated into your individual line conception.


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