High Speed Extruders

The new Generation in size 40
Output up to 700 kg/h with PP

esde Extruders achieve higher speeds

This new generation of extruders has a screw diameter of 40 mm and achieves an output of 700 kg/h. The esde High-Speed-Extruder is designed especially for materials of low viscosity. The high-rate feed section ensures the pulsation-free intake even of flakes.


Compared to ordinary extruders, our high-speed-extruders have an extremely short dwell time of the melt, are more energy-efficient and have a compact design.  The energy is mostly put in via the circumferential speed and not the torque of the screw. 


At a glance

  • compact design with 40 mm screw diameter
  • up to 700 kg/h output
  • ideal for granules and flakes of low viscosity, e.g. PP, PS, LD-PE, etc.
  • extruder screw for disperse melting at a low temperature level 

Advantages of esde High-Speed-Extruders

Exceptionally high output rates

The esde High-Speed-Extruder in size 40 is comparable with our regular size 70 single screw extruder and achieves a top performance of 700 kg/h output. The energy input into the material is occurred by the high circumferential speed of the extruder screw.


Gentle plasticizing

The extremely short dwelling time of 5 to 7 seconds in the High-Speed Extruder protects the melt from a timely caused degradation reaction. A special screw area for disperse melting of the solid material in the fluid contributes to gentle plasticizing and distributes a thermally homogenous flow.


Innovative drive

We use a synchronized servo motor, which – contrary to the usual combination of gear and A.C. drive – enables an essentially higher speed of the extruder screw. Due to the employment of an energy efficient direct drive no loss in drive power is experienced. To ease maintenance the axial bearing is installed outside of the motor housing.


Compact design

The water cooled electrics are integrated in the machine housing.


Pleasantly quiet

The noise emission is very low, so our extruders run pleasantly quiet.



The handling of our film lines during operation and maintenance is thought out and optimized.

The user Interface of our lines is structured clearly and user friendly. We use comfortable Touch-Screens with Profinet and OPC UA interface.


Get connected to our services

Via remote maintenance your extruder can get connected with us. When you need technical support, an esde electrical designer access to the controller and work at once on what must be done - without the need to travel.


esde - Made in Germany

Our customers appreciate the value of first-class quality and extreme longevity of the esde extruders and extrusion lines. They are designed and build at our site in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. The investment in a high-quality esde Extrusion Line pays for itself in a short time through considerable savings in energy costs, working time and raw materials.


Technical Data

High Speed Extruder Type

40 mm


ESE 1-40-42/HS

For the processing of

Granules and Regrind

Dimensions and Weights


3680 mm


800 mm

Extrusion Heigt

1100 mm


2700 kg

Screw and Barrel


40 mm

Length D

42 D

Screw Speed

1–2000 rpm

Heating Zones


Power Transfer

Motor Capacity

190 kW

Actuating Torque

865 Nm


2000 rpm

Drive Type

Synchronized AC-motor 

water-cooled with axial bearing

Electrical Data

Barrel Heaters

21 kW

Tool Heaters

1 x 230 V + PE

5 x 3,5 kW

Drive Motors

3 x 400 V

50 Hz, +N, +PE

Output Achievements

For PS (Polystyrene)

500–750 kg/h

For PP (Polypropylene)

450–700 kg/h

Maximal Melt Temperature

300 °C

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