Winders and Cutters

Cutters and Stackers
Edge-Trim Units

Winding of Flat Film

At esde, the finishing of the extruded web to a perfect film roll that can be transported, stored and further processed is individually adapted to the task.

During cooling, the edges the film are trimmed. Then it is either wound or cut and stacked. 


We build turret winders with synchronous servo gear motors that are optimized for mass inertia and synchronized to a leading drive. The film top can be wound to the inside or outside.


At a glance - esde Winding Systems

  • Single Station Winders - for maximum roll diameters of 400 to 1200 mm with expansion winding shafts mounted overhung or on both sides for outside diameters 3’’ and 6’’
  • Turret Winders for film thicknesses between 0,1 – 2,0 mm, maximum web speed of 40 m/min, automatic cross-cutting with length counter, for roll diameters of 800 or 1200 mm
  • Double Winders for two film webs.
  • Film Accumulators with a capacity of 20 meters

Cutting of Sheets

For custom-fit dimensioning of sheets we provide our Cross-Cutting Shears.  The cutting length pre-selection of the sheets and their number are set on the operating panel of the extruder.  The guillotine shears are positioned on a movable base frame and accelerated up to web speed before the cutting process, thus preventing an accumulation of the film web in front of the shears. The cut sheets are forwarded to the stacking. 


esde Turret Winder 
WW 1500/S

esde Turret Winder&nbsp;<br>WW 1500/S

with automatic cross-cutting unit

esde Single Station Winder ESW 1400

esde Single Station Winder ESW 1400

for 2 film webs

esde Axial Winder ESW 1500

esde Axial Winder ESW 1500

For flat film lines, designed as Multi-Web Friction Winder, supported on both sides.

esde Turret Winder 
WW 1200-600

esde Turret Winder&nbsp;<br>WW 1200-600

esde Turret Winder WW 1200-600, with web conveyor and automatic cross cutting unit.

esde Edge-Trim Winder 
RSW 400

esde Edge-Trim Winder&nbsp;<br>RSW 400

esde Cross-Cutting Shears QS 1500

esde Cross-Cutting Shears QS 1500

For customized sheet resizing

esde Two-Point Winding System

esde Two-Point Winding System

For the production of jumbo rolls

esde Film Accumulator

esde Film Accumulator

For temporary standstill of film webs in front of the Winder

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We would be pleased to inform you about our extruders and extrusion lines and advise you in detail on all technical questions concerning your project.

Carsten Diekmann, Managing Director
Jürgen Schormann, Sales Manager