40 Years of esde Maschinentechnik

A Success Story "Made in Germany"

On 1st April 1976 our company was founded by the two engineers Hans Werner Selbach and Manfred Diekmann. esde stands for S as in Selbach and D as in Diekmann.

On their first working day they were still on their own but busy forging plans for the future. The development of the Twin Screw Extruder in cascade design was far on top of their agenda.

In the course of 40 years of company history we can lock back at a great number of exciting projects worldwide and, on a long-term co-operation with our faithful and satisfied customers.

If a company exists since 40 years there must be substantial factors for its success. At esde Maschinentechnik these factors are:

  • The Twin Screw Extruders of which some also celebrate their 40th birthday,
  • The Single Screw Extruders with a significant share in the company's success,
  • The Extrusion Lines we have built and installed worldwide.

Our managing director Carsten Diekmann is convinced:

„On this solid basis we will continue to be successful for many years to come. Thanks to the company founders and also to our team of real experts who are highly motivated to meet new challenges and contribute their experience to the company every day."