esde Extruder at Evonik Industries

Launch of the new Technical Center at Evonik Industries in Marl

Evonik Industries AG with residence in Essen is a publicly traded company in the field of specialty chemicals. The High Performance Polymers business segment of Evonik Site Services now is able to train the 850 apprentices also in the practical operation of extrusion machines at their new technical center for plastics.

For this purpose esde supplied the ESE 1-25-18 Single Screw Extruder for laboratory tasks. The extruder is used for the homogenous melting of processing material and thereby completely dyes the product with as little as possible color pigments in Evonik color “Deep Purple”.

The extruder with operating panel is mounted on a movable machine frame housing the complete electrical equipment. The laboratory extruder allows the processing of a wide range of different types of thermoplastics. By means of the high-efficient screw geometry heating and cooling during operation is virtually omitted and, together with the direct drive, thus resulting in a particularly positive energy balance.

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