Wedding Extruder "Money Maker Special"

Love is in the air

When our electrical engineer and his bride tie the knot, the whole company rejoice with the married couple!


At esde we design tailor-made solutions for extruders. This is particularly true for the challenge to create an individual wedding gift.


Here we present proudfully our Single NOTE Extruder “Money Maker Special”, which similarity with a cookie press or a sausage machine is purely by chance. Inside this machine turns a conveyor screw just like in our esde Extruders.


The special thing of the Single NOTE Extruder is the production of first-class EURO banknotes. Have a view on the pictures to be convinced by the incredibly practical handling easy as pie. Just fill in the colored granules and freshly extruded notes flap out of this amazing machine.


The magical system control of the Single NOTE Extruder is a mystery for lay people. But our smart electrical engineer will surely see through the programming very fast. We trust that he will be clever to increase the output easily to the maximum.


Of course, we will go into series production of this awesome extruder as soon as possible!