Trials on an esde Laboratory Extruder
at our technical centre

Every trial is an extensive “getting to know” of our customers’ specific plastic materials. This way we obtain important parameters about the processing characteristics of the material and, on this basis we can customize our extruders, dies and downstream equipment. The possibilities for modifications are numerous and multifarious. Difficult extrusion tasks request the imagination and inventiveness of our designers. Based on the analyzed test results we prepare a customer-specific machine concept in economical and procedural balance.

As in the end always two questions must be answered: “What does it cost” and “What do we gain”.

Excerpt from a test report

Material:Polyamide (PA), granules / virgin material
Pre-drying:4 hours at 140°C
Extruder:esde ESE 1-25-18 (laboratory extruder)
Power:10,6 kW
Gear:Direct drive
Environmental temperature:20°C

No.T MassMass ThroughputCapacity
(°C)kg/hkg/h rpm kW
13125.2 0.1040.44
231410.8 0.1081.01
431320.2 0.1012.51
631442.0 0.1056.12

The following parameters were also determined in the trial and made available for the customer:

  • Exact description of screw, feed section and drive
  • Extruder screw speed
  • Motor torque
  • Melt pressure
  • Temperature of each barrel heating zone

test report

Trials at our technical centre help to gain important insight into the customer's specific requirements.

Test Result:

Quiet extruder operation, stable conveying rate, excellent melt.